The benefits of Belly Dancing can be experienced by women of all ages and shapes. Belly Dance is a brain exercise for focus, memory, creativity and coordination while the fluidity of the moves may benefit osteoporosis, arthritis, back and circulatory problems. Feet and ankles are strengthened, and abdominal muscles exercised due to the natural contracting and releasing actions involved in core elements such as belly rolls and undulations. Toned upper arms are a bonus of this low impact form of exercise. No previous experience or equipment is required.

In addition to the weekly classes a two hour intensive Introduction to Belly Dancing will be held each term at the Dance Studio 1A Donald Street between 1 and 3pm on Wednesday 4th March, 6th May, 5th August and 4th November.

Titles are chosen from recommendations by members and are borrowed individually from the library. Some planning is required to ensure that books are reserved with sufficient time to allow for delivery and reading.  Members enjoy discussing the chosen book as well as sharing poetry and titles from their personal reading.


Members  share their opinion of the book chosen for the month.Our books are borrowed from the Stirling Library and you may be required to take a turn in picking up our copies.  The Stirling library has an extensive list of sets of titles suitable for Book Clubs.


A year-long course to learn the skills of card making using a variety of tools and media.  Some materials will be available for purchase.

CHI KUNG (Qigong)

Qigong is gentle exercise. The Shibashi Qigong gently improves inner health, mind, body and soul.

As we relax and release tension we continue to refine, it’s a continuing process.

Students find many different benefits – balance, posture, circulation, breathing to name a few. Letting softness and stillness back into the body is a bonus.

We are in our 18th year!

For 45 minutes a week we give ourselves permission to switch off from the external world and recharge our own battery. If U3A is about staying active (physically, mentally, socially), learning new skills and building friendships then I think we tick all the boxes. We can add ‘being still’ and ‘present in the moment’. Come and see if it suits you. Wednesdays 9am. Jen Binney.



This group will be using a range of craft skills and materials to create useful and attractive items to donate to worthy causes.  An opportunity to use up stash and spare time with like minded “Crafties”.

The U3A Crafting 4 Charity meet the first Tuesday of the month, between 9.30 and 11.30 anyone can come along and participate in any craft they wish and donate to the charity of their choice. We have lots of fun and we help each other when we can. Last year we made 100’s of beanies for premmie babies at the WACH, also many crochet rugs were donated to the local hospital and nursing home and also many toiletry bags for backpack4sakids, all these items were much appreciated, also bags for the Neighbourhood Centre were donated as well.


An opportunity to learn techniques for cracking the cryptic codes.


We discuss anything topical, with every one given the opportunity to express their opinions and to contribute to the discussion. The topics are chosen by the whole group.


A recently released to DVD movie is watched in the comfort of a private home. As the credits roll the movie is discussed.


Suited to anyone keen to brush up on their school room French or to maintain their linguistic skill.  Beginners are welcome to join.


Designed for students of French who need even more of a challenge.


We are a small but enthusiastic group of amateur researchers who meet monthly to share ideas and progress with our family history.

Computer skills are essential.

Attendees have various goals including:

  • tracing pioneer ancestors to Australia
  • using family history as the basis for a novel
  • researching families in Australia, UK and Prussia

We have shared:

  • problems and achievements in our research
  • methods of recording the family history on various computer programmes
  • suggested websites to use
  • useful information from genealogy magazines
  • workshops attended


Learn the basic steps and sequence dancing such as The Military Two Steps.

Ballroom sequence dancing is recognized as being the number one activity to ward off Dementia. Stay young and stay dancing.


The course will be an introduction to general information about Italy with emphasis on Italian conversation and dealing with real life situations – at a restaurant, coffee shop, the library etc. Plus essentials such as greetings, numbers, days of the week, general conversation and of course grammar.


Conversational Japanese taught using a simple structure developed for teaching school students.  Group members have the choice of Japanese conversation or the written word using Kana. This course may divide into beginners and advanced depending on demand.


Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy, and calculation and involves a degree of chance. This activity is being offered to both novices and experienced players and we will work it out as we go along.


A non threatening game played by a rather exuberant group of people who try to adhere to a simple set of game rules under the tutelage of Colin Wakelin.  As it is played on Monday morning it is a good way to start the week.  Usually followed by coffee at a local café.


Building Community Resilience in a Changing Climate                    

Meeting alternate Friday mornings during the 2nd & 3rd terms at different locations in Strathalbyn and Milang with everyone invited to contribute to the topics suggested and leaders in meditation welcome

Session 1:  Vision Board to form an End Of Year goal for our group


  • On death: living well and dying well
  • Reincarnation
  • Eight Levels of Human Consciousness
  • Fundamental economics – living within our means
  • A Simple Life – aka Dr Ted Trainer’s vision
  • Living lightly, freely, fully, abundantly, healthily, and harmoniously on a highly populated planet
  • Truth telling and truth hearing
  • Food Security
  • Hemp, marijuana, and CBD oil
  • Localisation, reskilling, and community improvement


Quiz Nights are fun and  they are held quite regularly as fund-raisers in Strathalbyn. This group has been formed to keep interested members informed of impeding Quiz Nights.  There is no compulsion to attend but by registering interest you can be contacted to join a table. 2019 was quite a successful year for our teams.  Well done!


Rag rugs are made using many different techniques, and mostly using recycled fabrics. Historically these rugs were made for practical purposes, but these days we make them to adorn walls and sometimes people. It is a very friendly and welcoming group, all willing to help a newcomer to the craft.


More for the experienced player rather than beginners but give it a go.


A six week course led by a very accomplished photographer this course will look at composition, colour, concepts, themes and storytelling through pictures.  Processing, printing and mounting the finished product will be covered although the course will be flexible to fit in with the needs of participants.

Enthusiasm is the only skill required to start but numbers are limited to a maximum of 8.


No explanation needed just good fun with words and triple score counts.


Another day another skill. Although Scrapbooking has been around for some time there are still people who have not been exposed to all the enticing elements of this hobby. Open to beginners and experienced Scrap-bookers, all  welcome.


This group provides an opportunity to take along your canvas and paint or pencils and paper to spend time doing you own art thing among congenial like-minded people. The opportunity to try new techniques and to attempt different mediums are on offer.


A number of workshops with visiting artists are planned for the year and these are held in the afternoon  following on from Social Art although bookings are required and extra costs may apply.


The gentle sound of pencil on paper as the mind and the colour become one! Or an opportunity to engage is this popular pastime with friends. Members attending should bring their own materials (pencils, paper, sharpener and eraser).


All you need is a ukulele, some time and the willingness to try a new instrument. Techniques are not complicated or difficult.  If you can already play come and enjoy making music with others.


Walks are once a month and take approximately one and a half hours at different, interesting places, within a 40 minute drive of Strathalbyn. They can differ in degrees of difficulty, but mostly are easy going – it’s not a power walk! We also have a coffee break. Car pooling is possible.


Walk aerobics involves gentle exercises to music, a few in the form of simple dance routines but all designed to keep the body as supple as possible. The focus is on maintaining flexibility, balance and aerobic health as well as bone density and mental well being.


Bringing, mind, body and spirit together is the mantra of yoga.  This session is so designed with emphasis given to breathing and gentle stretching.  You are encouraged to work within your own capabilities.


Do you have a skill to offer or a suggestion for potential activities please send us an email.

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