University of the Third Age, or U3A, is a world wide organisation which aims to provide educational and recreational stimulus and support for retired or semi retired people.
Why University? – The original meaning of the word is ‘a community of people who come together to learn from one another’ and that is how we operate, by drawing upon the skills, interests and experiences of those members who are able and willing to share their knowledge.
Why Third Age? – This is sometimes called ‘the age of active retirement’. The Second Age of working and home making is over and now is the time to pursue other interests and learn new skills.

Our Program – has a range of activities run either, weekly, fortnightly or monthly at different venues around Strathalbyn. The content is set at the start of each year but there may be deletions or additions as the year progresses.

The Committee – The AGM is held in late January and the elected committee of 10 members overseas the running of the group for the year.
President – Jeanette Warner
Secretary – Norma Keily
Treasurer – Margaret Bartlett
Committee members – Marney Forward, Maria Maxwell, Margaret May, Heather Osborne, Jenny Thomas, Glennis Wakelin

Contact – Postal Address – PO BOX 534 STRATHALBYN 5255
Email – strathalbynU3A@gmail.com
Phone – 0416 173 573

Membership Fee – $30 pa gives access to all activities although some may have additional, incidental costs.

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